Mixed feelings about Jon Stewart’s departure from the Daily Show

As anybody who follows popular culture and fake news surely knows, Jon Stewart is ending his hosting of the Daily Show this week. Tonight will be his last broadcast.

I have mixed feelings about his departure. On the one hand, the guy really has changed the way that many of us get informed. He and his team revolutionized the way that video tape can be used to demonstrate, oh so graphically, the hypocrisy of many a politician and pundit.

As a political commentator — even though he started life as a comedian — Stewart was second to none. Some of his progeny, like John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, have certainly picked up the mantle. Oliver is doing brilliant commentary on his HBO, and Colbert was on fabulously snarky on his mockumentary Colbert Report. I’m waiting to see what Colbert does with David Letterman’s old time slot, and I have the feeling that Trevor Noah might turn out to be pretty good as well.

On the other hand, the show was also getting a little old. They were recycling a lot of the same ideas, making a lot of the same points, doing a lot of similar bits. It still works, but not with as much alacrity as before.

This departure would have been much more disappointing if it had happened three or four years ago. Now I can live with it, and even imagine what Stewart would say as the Democalypse 2016 proceeds on it’s crazy course. I’m including a video from a few weeks ago when Stewart came back from vacation and was just fulminating over Trump as an reminder of how good he and his team really were.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hadn’t seen this one, and loved his line about Trump representing some sort of new Jewish holiday! I’m going to have to watch the finale tonight… I’ve heard the equally fabulous Dennis Leary is going to be on!

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