While the Republican party is busy cannibalizing each other

While the Republican party and Donald Trump are busy cannibalizing each other, we’re at least getting some humor along the way.

  • On Monday of last week Senator Lindsay Graham, also a Presidential candidate and a good friend of John McCain, called Donald Trump a jackass for the way that he was running his campaign.
  • Trump responded by saying that Graham had called him in the past “begging” him for his assistance. To prove this had happened, Trump gave out Graham’s personal cell phone number at a rally in South Carolina.

Graham has now responded by releasing a video of himself destroying a cell phone in a number of creative ways.

As some people pointed out, Graham could have just changed his number. But I like this response. It’s fun. It’s creative.Graham has clearly learned something from the David Letterman Show. And it reminds us all of what an asswipe Donald Trump really is. And, you know, it’s not really Graham’s phone that’s being destroyed.

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