Leave it to the United State to fuck up the HitchBOT

Leave it to the Americans to fuck up the hitchBOT. A robot out of Canada that managed to hitch hike all across Canada, as well as in the Netherlands and Germany, met it’s demise in the United States shortly after leaving Boston for the West Coast.

It only made it to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

No love for the bot I guess.

The robot was designed as a social experiment by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and Ryerson University in Toronto.

Humans are sometimes concerned with the question of whether we can “trust” robots. This experiment was designed to ask the question of whether robots can trust humans.

Not in the United States, it seems apparent.

In other parts of the world? Oh sure, why not.

But not in the United States.

We flunk again.

We’re #1!

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A disturbed citizen and skeptic. I should stop reading the newspaper. Or watching TV. I should turn off NPR and disconnect from the Internet. We’d all be better off.
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3 Responses to Leave it to the United State to fuck up the HitchBOT

  1. Ron Hyatt says:

    Oh, they have video. It just doesn’t fit the narrative of black lives matter.

  2. hy Ronnatt says:

    guarangoddamnteeya that one of Barack’s Sons did this.

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