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Do You Think He’ll Get Any Credit?

Now that gas prices are averaging $2.64 a gallon and the unemployment rate is back down below 6%, do you think Obama will get any credit for this? (Spoiler alert: it’s a rhetorical question.)

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The Tsarnaev Circus is Coming to Town

Today was the beginning of jury selection for the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev federal trial, and that’s going to be dominating the news for a while. especially here in Boston. I heard some interesting commentaries this morning about why it might have … Continue reading

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50 Home States Sarcastically Put Down

We don’t normally to funny here at the Skeptic’s blog, but to get the New Year started on a lighter note, we’re sending along a link to an article in which 50 Americans summarize their home state in one perfectly … Continue reading

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What does an Athiest Believe?

Someone once said to me that saying you’re an atheist is like saying that you don’t play golf. It doesn’t tell you a lot about what you do play, or what you do believe. And atheists generally do believe in … Continue reading

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