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Why the Donald will never be my President, regardless of what he says today

I don’t hate Donald Trump. I just hate the fact that he’s about to become our next President. I never really thought much about Donald Trump until he declared. I mean, I knew who he was, but he always seemed … Continue reading

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The Fire Hose Theory of Information: too much information to follow at once.

There is something known as the firehose theory of information, the idea that you can’t drink from a firehose, and when too much information is coming at you, you can’t really grasp any of it. That is the same theory … Continue reading

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We should be treating Right Wing voters as if they were Adults

I’ve been thinking about how we should really begin to treat the Right Wing as if they were adults. So far we’ve been infantilizing them as if they were children. Recently I came across this post by someone calling themselves … Continue reading

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Golden Showers. And you thought Pussy Grabber was bad.

Golden Showers. Oh boy. Try explaining this one to your kids. I mean “pussy grabber” was bad enough, but now this. Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who allegedly compiled “the dossier” had to go underground yesterday because he already … Continue reading

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The difference between Fake News and Unverified News

As some of you know, the Donald, Herr Obergropenführer, President-elect Kumquat, was attacked the other day through Buzzfeed, which published an article claiming that “a dossier, compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official, … Continue reading

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