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Bernie Sanders is really old, and that’s a problem.

Back in 2015, I was just tickled to be able to vote for a septaugenarian socialist Jew for President of the United States, and have it actually be something more than just a protest vote. So I did. And then … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders’ ego-trip decision to run for President again

Bernie Sanders announced this week that he is running for President again in 2020. Good grief! I was a Bernie supporter in 2016 (although to be fair, I supported both Bernie and Hillary). But in the Massachusetts primary I voted … Continue reading

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Bernie and the Donald are very odd characters to being channeling America’s outrage

Truth be told, Bernie and the Donald are strange icons to be channeling the outrage of American voters who believe that the system is rigged (which includes me, by the way). And, if the media is to be believed, there … Continue reading

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Come Together: why both Bernie and Hillary deserve our vote

With the Democratic field whittled down to two, and Bernie proving to be surprisingly competitive with Hillary, the relations between the two have become a little testy, as have the relationships between her supporters. That’s what an actual race will … Continue reading

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Is Bernie Sanders a serious Presidential Candidate?

Andrew Cohen really penned a strong piece claiming that Bernie Sanders doesn’t get how politics works. I’m not so sure about that. Cohen’s criticism was that Bernie is something of a one-note samba, and that he responds to everything by … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders is Running for President

I was amused, although not that surprised to hear that Bernie Sanders is running for President. I love Bernie, but he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in a firestorm to make it out alive, and everybody knows that. If you … Continue reading

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