The Republican playbook is becoming Increasingly Clear.

By now, the Republican game-plan with respect to the Trump indictments is becoming clear:

  1. Tell people over and over again that the indictments are politically motivated.
  2. Wait for people to believe that the indictments are politically motivated.
  3. Argue that the proof of the indictments being politically motivated is that a large number of people believe that the indictments are politically motivated.

It’s a closed feedback loop.

Religion works that way as well:

  1. Tell people that there is a God and that he has an impact on your life.
  2. Wait for people to believe that there is a God and that he is impacting their lives.
  3. Find the proof of God in people’s beliefs about God.

Of course, none of these things are true. God isn’t real, and Trump is not the victim of a witch hunt. He’s practically it’s opposite. Legal authorities have let Trump get away with extraordinary amounts of nonsense for years and years, and more recently have gone out of their way to dot every I and cross every T to make sure that Trump gets the benefit of every doubt.

What Trump — and by implication his supporters — wants is to be entirely unaccountable for anything he’s ever done.

I’ve argued many times in the past that the actual victim of a witch hunt was Hillary Clinton. For example, the whole Benghazi thing. What was that all about?

Without giving them a chance to look it up on Wikipedia first, ask one of your conservative friends to explain to you what Benghazi was all about. Yes, four people were killed in a very dangerous region that was undergoing substantial political turmoil. One was an ambassador, one was an information officer for the foreign service, and two were military contractors.

How was this Hillary Clinton’s fault?

Ask them to explain it to you.

They won’t be able to do it.

They have no idea how this might have been Hillary Clinton’s fault.

Of course, Hillary Clinton is the same woman who testified for over 11 hours before a Congressional subcommittee without once having to plead the 5th.

Because Hillary Clinton isn’t some lame ass pussy like Captain Bonespurs.

And because Hillary Clinton did not break the law.

If she had, believe me, Trump would have locked her up. They’re still chanting “lock her up” down in Trump country, although nobody there has any idea for what.

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