A Nice Victory for Women Everywhere

It was a nice victory for women everywhere — and Elizabeth Jean Carroll in particular — with her victory in her civil sexual assault and defamation case against what’s-his-name, #45 yesterday.

A woman was believed.

Multiple women were believed.

Chickenshit Trump took the advice of his attorneys and did not come back and testify in person. His defense attorney tried to go with old tropes like “why didn’t she scream,” and “she couldn’t even remember the date on which this happened.”

Didn’t work.

It took the jury only three hours — three hours! —to come back with a verdict. 

Trump’s entire defense was predicated on his claim that Jean was “not his type.” But then, in a deposition he misidentified a picture of her from that time as his former wife Marla Maples.


That’s why his lawyers didn’t want him to testify.

And that old Access Hollywood tape finally came back to bite him. The one where he confesses, openly and proudly, that he regularly assaults women because he’s a “star” and when you’re a star “they let you do it.”

Yeah, it doesn’t actually work that way under the law.

Will this make any difference to Trump’s supporters?

Of course not.

Recent polling has Trump winning a head-to-head match up with Joe Biden because, well, Joe Biden is a moderate and competent man, and he needs to be punished for that.

The Republican party, the party of “law and order,” is having more and more difficulty with their leading man. In case you’ve lost track:

  • His organization has been convicted of criminal tax fraud.
  • He’s now lost this civil judgment to E. Jean Carroll.
  • He’s been indicted in New York for campaign finance violations and 34 felony counts of falsification of business records.
  • He’s going to be indicted in Georgia for criminal solicitation to commit election fraud when he asked the Secretary of State to “find” him 11,780 votes.
  • Special Counsel Jack Smith is leading the investigation into Trump’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection.
  • Special Counsel Jack Smith is leading a separate investigation into Trump’s deliberate withholding of classified documents.
  • NY Attorney General has a separate civil probe into the unlawful inflation and deflation of property values in order to avoid tax liability and gain loans and other financial benefits to which he otherwise wouldn’t have been entitled.

That’s our “law and order” former President.

His supporters still want to lock up “crooked” Hillary Clinton because she used a private email server for some classified messages. A server which, by the way, was never breached, and where there is no proof that any classified documents ever got into the wrong hands.


And Trump is the victim of witch hunt?

By now it should be blindingly obvious what the Republicans accuse others of is exactly what they’re guilty of. And yet, their supporters still fall for it every time.

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