If you want to see a political persecution, just look back at Hillary.

We’re starting to get the expected GOP carping about how the indictment of Donald Trump is a “political prosecution.” But if you want to see a political prosecution, or at least a persecution, you don’t have to go that far back in history: just look at the persecution of Hillary Clinton. (Or Bill for that matter.)

First there was the Ben Ghazi investigation. Ask your conservative friends what the Ben Ghazi investigations were about. They won’t remember. Yes, four Americans (including one US Ambassador) perished in the incident, but what did that have to do with Hillary Clinton? Your conservative friends won’t be able to answer that.

The Ben Ghazi investigations did have one outcome that made conservatives happy, in that it revealed the existence of the private email server at Hillary Clinton’s house. That was another witch hunt if there ever was one. Although everyone now agrees that Hillary used “poor judgment” in maintaining a private email server, there is no proof that Hillary’s account was ever hacked, that any secrets were ever compromised, or that any laws were ever broken.

The multiple investigations — including the FBI and Inspector General investigations — did not turn up anything that could be prosecuted. If it had, you can be sure that it would have been.

So, if Trump’s acolytes and defenders want there not to be any prosecution of Donald Trump they should tell him to stop committing crimes. Like his attempt to overturn votes in Georgia. Like his trying to foment an insurrection. Like his trying to deal top secret documents to Saudi Arabia.

How about that, Republicans?

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