Who calls the police on a 9-year old Girl?

Who the hell calls the police on a 9 year old girl? Holy cow, someone should be embarrassed about their own conduct!

There was a story about nine year old Bobbi Wilson, who has (thank God!) been embraced by the scientific community after a white neighbor called the police on her. Not surprisingly, our little girl is black. As reported by NPR:

Bobbi, a petite child who wears pink-framed glasses, was doing her bit to comply with the state’s Stomp it Out! campaign, which urges New Jersey residents to help eradicate the spotted lanternfly infestation. She’d learned about it at school and made her own version of an insect repellent she’d seen on TikTok. Making her way from tree to tree, Bobbi would spray the bugs, pluck them from the tree and drop them into a plastic bottle.

Neighbor and former Caldwell city counselor Gordon Lawshe, who is 71, called a police dispatcher and reported on Bobbi, saying in part:

There’s a little Black woman walking, spraying stuff on the sidewalks and trees on Elizabeth and Florence. I don’t know what the hell she’s doing. Scares me, though.

It scares you?

Is this guy for real?

If he didn’t know what she was doing, and wanted to know, why didn’t he just go out and ask her?

He’s a full-sized adult, she’s a tiny little thing in pink-framed glasses.

The story eventually became public, and the scientific community rallied around this little girl, with the Yale School of Public Health who held a ceremony for her. In addition, she received the Caldwell Environmental Commission’s Sustainability Award.

Lawshe is going to be shamed to a proverbial death on the Internet, as he should be. That a grown-ass man could call the police on a little 9 year old girl who is trying to do good is something this moron — a moron who was once elected to the city council — should be ashamed of for the rest of his life.

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