The problem may be with the Cops.

Today I guess we’ll see the release of a tape that will show the brutal beating of motorist Tyre Nichols in Memphis after a traffic stop. But just like there was a twist in the two California mass shootings — both committed by elderly Asian men — there is a twist in this one as well: the five officers involved are all black.

Would they have beat the ever living shit out of this kid if he were white?

Hard to know.

There is, after all, black on black racism.

But the problem may just be with cops.

Apparently they beat this kid for three minutes. The video is going to be more brutal than the Rodney King video. And in this case, the poor kid died. (Not immediately, but after three days of hospitalization, apparently from internal bleeding.)

They kicked him, they pepper sprayed him, they tased him, and there were five of them.

This was over a traffic stop (albeit reckless driving). The kid ran away (OMG!)

There seems to be a character flaw with certain (but certainly not all) police officers. They resort to violence far too quickly. 

When cops complain that having to regard the civil rights of the public hamstrings them in their duties, that is (for the most part) ridiculous. You can treat people with dignity and still enforce the laws.

I realize that some members of the public could try any of our patience to its limits, and that hidden dangers lurk everywhere. But that’s also why cops make good money. In Massachusetts many of them make six figures. These officers are not making department store salaries.

And it doesn’t take that much self discipline not to beat the ever living shit out of one slender guy when there’s five of you, even after a foot chase. Just put some cuffs on him and be done with it.

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