The least surprising surprise of all time (Trump is running for President)

Well, in what must be the least surprising surprise ever, Donald John Trump announced that he’s running again for re-election as President of the United States.


Trump, who has the impulse control of a gnat, couldn’t wait until after the run-off election in Georgia, and barely managed to wait after his daughter Tiffany’s wedding. He’s been chomping, chomping, chomping at the bit to get back onto the racetrack. 

After Trump got elected, I thought for a while that he might end up resigning the position once he discovered how much work was involved in being President. And once he discovered how much being President is unlike running a business, where you can pretty much make whatever decisions you want, as long as your Board doesn’t disapprove.

But obviously I was wrong.

First, Trump proved that you can be President without actually working that hard.

Second, and more importantly, Trump couldn’t resist the intoxicating wave of attention that accompanies being President. For this compulsive narcissist, it was like an addict being thrown into a tub of cocaine. 

They play a song when you enter the room, for crying out loud!

The media — whose attention Trump craves, despite his constant broadsides against them — hang on your every word.

Of course, we could avoid all of this nonsense if Republican legislators had any balls at all, and had just voted to convict Trump in his 2nd impeachment after he had essentially threatened each of their lives.

Then the 14th Amendment would have kicked in and Trump would have been barred from running again. 

As it is,  the Republican party may end up tearing each other apart, which (I must admit) would be fun to watch.

But God help us all if this blooming idiot were actually to be re-elected as President. It would be a revenge tour to trump all revenge tours (to coin a pun)!

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