I won’t have to shoot myself after all

Well, so far it has not been the predicted bloodbath at the midterms. It looks like Republicans will retake the House, but by pretty small numbers (not like the 63 they gained in President Obama’s first term). On the Senate side, it could be 50-50 again, although it could take days (if not weeks) to know the final numbers.

Sure, there were some disappointments. I personally was disappointed that Stacy Abrahms and Beto O’Rourke didn’t do better against Kemp and Abbott in Georgia and Texas. I was disappointed that Val Demmings didn’t do better against “Little” Marco Rubio in Florida. I’m disappointed that Ron Johnson was re-elected in Wisconsin.

But none of those were surprises. The only thing surprising about those was maybe the margins.

On the other hand, Maggie Hassan beat back Don Bolduc in New Hampshire. Fetterman is leading over Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. Mark Kelly is leading in Arizona. And Reverend Warnock has a narrow lead over Herschel Walker in Georgia.

That is good enough for now. I won’t have to shoot myself after all.

And that’s good, because I don’t even own a gun at the moment, and I actually wanted to live for a while longer.

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