Political advertising is too much on both sides of the political spectrum

I’ve come to the point that I’m no longer giving money to political campaigns. It’s too much. Both sides have too much money.

I live in Central Massachusetts and tend to watch Boton-area television. And we are just saturated with political ads and have been for weeks. And it’s still two weeks before the election. The most ads are for New Hampshire races — New Hampshire is a swing state and many of the races there are very tight — and both sides are just plastering the airwaves with their distorted ads. (There is no requirement in political advertising that you have to tell the truth.)

I’ve tried for years to use social media to bolster certain arguments, but I realize that for the most part I am preaching to the choir. Still, I try to provide “arguments” that my readers could potentially use to inform their decision making.

Is this strategy effective? Probably not. But I’m not sure what else I can do.

If you have a voice, you might as well use it.

I urge people to vote and try to convince everyone that voting is crucial. But it’s probably less crucial here in Massachusetts, because at this point most races are a foregone conclusion. The only ones that aren’t are typically the ballot questions.

In any case, political consultants are making a ton of money — oh how I wish I were a political consultant or a specialist in political advertising right now — because it would be like Christmas in November.

Too bad I’m not.

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