What did these people ever do to you that they’re still persecuted 2000 years later?

I don’t listen to rap music. I listened to jazz, and blues, and soul, and funk — all forms of black music that were subject to cultural appropriation — that by the time we got to rap music, it was a bridge too far.

But then, I’m old. Plenty of young white people love and identify with rap music.

So, the “genius” of Kanye West has, I must admit, escaped me. As far as I could tell from my non-rap vantage point, he was a jerk from the word go.

Never more than now, when he has apparently decided to recycle a bunch of anti-Semitic tropes for reasons that escape me.

I always have the same question for people who still want to blame the Jews for the ills in this world: was the Holocaust not enough for you?

Like, even if Jews were terrible people — spoiler alert, they’re not! — killing an estimated 6 million of a pre-war population of about 9 million isn’t enough for you?

So, when Kanye wants to go “defcon 3” on Jews, I can only say “fuck you” to this brother. I’m embarrassed that it took Addidas this long to sever their ties with him. I’m embarrassed that in this country someone would hang a banner saying “Kanye is right” over an LA freeway.

I’m not quite sure what my Jewish brothers and sisters are supposed to do to prove to the rest of the world that they don’t have space lasers, don’t control Hollywood, and don’t drink the blood of Christian babies. What did these people ever do to you besides getting kicked out of their home city of Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago, dispersed to the four winds, and been just about everybody else’s proverbial whipping boy ever since?

Jews will not replace us? I thought that it was Mexicans and Hondurans and Venezuelans and other members of the “shithole” countries that were supposedly going to replace us. How did Jews get dragged into this?

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