It is weird how upset Republicans are over Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia

I must say that, as we embark on the Labor Day weekend, I am amused by the response from the MAGA crowd to Joe Biden’s Thursday night speech in Philadelphia, warning of an assault on our democracy.

It’s not unifying, they complain.

Not unifying?

This is from the party of Let’s Go Brandon (Fuck Joe Biden), that still refuses to recognize the legitimacy of the 2020 election, that didn’t provide a single vote to veteran’s health care or putting a cap on insulin (or to any other legislation that would actually help ordinary people) the party that stole two Supreme Court seats to rip abortion rights from the American people, the culture wars party that is banning books and refusing to let people say “gay” and still rolling out the Confederate flag, and they think that we’re not unifying?

The “fuck your feelings” and “lock her up” party thinks that we’re not unifying?

Really, irony is dead in America.

If someone keeps hitting you in the face, and after dozens of hits their opponent finally slaps them back, and they’re offended by this, they really have lost touch with reality.

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