The cognitive dissonance that Trump defenders on the right are having to go through is almost comical

It has been kind of remarkable to watch the right wing news media and Trump apologists go after the FBI this week because of the raid at Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI!

The “law and order” party is freaking out because the FBI conducted a legal search as a last resort for top secret documents that Donald Trump had failed to turn over β€” after having first been subpoenaed, and then having been visited by a small FBI contingent β€” top secret highly classified documents, including (apparently) documents related to our nuclear capabilities.

The Department of Justice is now investigating whether Donald Trump engaged in violations of the Espionage Act of 1917 (as amended).

But her emails!

The cognitive dissonance that Trump defenders on the right are having to go through is almost comical at this point.

What was less comical is all the threats being posted on-line against the FBI and its agents β€” including those who signed the search warrant, whose names were released by Trump’s people without being redacted β€” or the effort of conspiracy theorist and January 6th attendee Ricky Shiffer, Jr. to break into the FBI’s office in Cincinnati with an AR-15 type assault rifle.

Right wing militias and their ilk may find that it’s a bit risky to take on the FBI.

From the moment that Trump was elected I realized that he was the “FU” President, the guy that 30 years of hate radio and Faux News had foisted on us by the “blame the liberals” crowd that has proliferated over all that time. But now I’m starting to recognize that the “law and order” party wants law for the other guys and for their own people to be able to get away with anything.

Trump, that holy porcine hulk of malevolent incompetence, is attractive to them, in part, because he has never been held accountable.

For anything.

That becomes apparent if you’ve read biographies about Trump or the books by insiders like Michael Cohen (who was essentially Trump’s consigliere before the Boss threw him under a bus).

But slowly, slowly, like a melting glacier, things are starting to catch up with Trump. He has so many legal problems that the page cataloging the legal affairs of Donald Trump is 53 pages long.

53 pages long!

That’s almost as long as Wikipedia’s entry on Jesus Christ, which is only 69 pages long.

Jesus Christ!

You can’t make this stuff up.

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