Ginni Thomas’ 29 text to Mark Meadows demanding that he pursue overturning the election is no surprise.

For those of us who have followed the career of Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the fact that she sent 29 text messages to Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief-of-Staff at the time, urging him to overturn the election results, is not a surprise.

Nor is it a surprise that in January, the Supreme Court declined an emergency stay to keep the January 6th Committee from getting access to Trump’s White House records. The lone dissenter was Justice Thomas.

Did Justice Thomas know that his wife’s texts would be included in those records?

Curious minds want to know.

Justice Thomas has arguably been by far the worst Justice in the last century. Beginning with his confirmation hearing, where he shamelessly pulled out the race card even though his accuser — Anita Hill — was also African American, Thomas has been an Überhyporcite. By now, every reasonably impartial observer of those hearings believes that Anita Hill was telling the truth. (I’ve written about these hearings in the past.)

The truth is that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her while he was the Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

That’s like engaging in Insider Trading while being the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It’s the ultimate example of the fox guarding the henhouse.

Since his ascendancy to the Court, Thomas has been known for three things: first, not asking any questions during oral arguments; second, not recusing himself when he should; and finally taking the most conservative positions of any of the justices in his entire time on the bench, bar none.

There has been some commentary that the Justices should be held to the same ethical standards as all other federal judges — which currently they are not — but the Congress would have to pass legislation for that to happen.

Theoretically, the court could also impeach Justice Thomas and remove him from the bench, but that’s not going to happen for the same reason that Trump was not convicted in either of his impeachments.

Partisan process. That’s all.

Thomas has now been on the bench for 30 years and 5 months. A few days ago Thomas was hospitalized with an infection — not Covid — but he has since been released.  Honestly, I was hoping that maybe Thomas could go and meet his maker, so to speak. He’s done enough damage to our body politic to last a life-time.

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