Diaper Don still thinks he will be “reinstated” in August.

Over the weekend Donald Trump came out of hiding and gave a 90 minute speech at the Annual State Convention for North Carolina Republicans, there was a lot made out of the fact that Trump looked like he was either (1) wearing his pants backwards or (2) wearing  adult diapers underneath his suit. The speculation reached such a fever pitch that Snopes had to weigh in and disprove that Trump was wearing his pants backwards. (They didn’t address the question of the adult diapers.)

Well, one can have a lot of fun with the Übermasculine Trump and whether he was wearing adult diapers, but what should be more concerning is that seven months and two days after the election, Trump is still making the same debunked claims about election fraud that he has been making since the day after the election. (You can read his entire rambling speechathon here.)

According to “insiders,” Diaper Don thinks he will be “reinstated” as a result of the phony partisan recounts in states like Arizona, even though there is no mechanism in our constitution for such a reinstatement.

Various commentators have speculated that Trump is going out of his mind because he is no longer President. I can easily imagine that to be true.

Trump is the most clinically extreme narcissist we have ever had in public life, and the Presidency is like a daily fix of heroin. 

  • A band plays when you enter a room (outside of the White House).
  • The media reports on your every word.
  • Everybody takes your phone call.
  • You can basically do what you want (like watch TV 8 hours a day) and no one can tell you not to.
  • You can’t even be prosecuted while you’re still in office.

I mean seriously, this is a narcissist’s permanent wet dream. Having commanded that level of attention, I’m sure it kills him every day that he’s stuck at Mar-a-Lago, and nobody (not even Melania) cares about what he does on a day-to-day basis.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ouch! Funny, true…but “ouch”! LOL

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