As a Species we don’t deserve to live anymore, we really don’t

Some of you may have heard the news that Governor Gregg Abbott announced that he is reopening Texas 100% and dropping the state mask mandate. That announcement was followed in short order by Governor Tate Reeves, who announced a similar reopening for Mississippi.

We’re allegedly the “smart” species on the planet.

In the meantime, the Governor of Texas is trying to kill his people in three different ways. 

  1. He did nothing to protect them from freezing to death with a completely insufficient power grid.
  2. He did nothing to protect them from insane spikes in people’s electric bills, ensuring a certain number of future bankruptcies.
  3. He is reopening Texas completely while only about 13% of the population has even had the first dose of vaccine administered.

By reopening way too soon — when another two months of patience would make all the difference — Abbott is guaranteeing that there will be a renewed spike in Texas, and even worse, that it’s also guaranteed to increase the number of coronavirus variants, which will also be guaranteed to be more infectious and more deadly.

Darwin awards nominee.

The damage won’t be limited to Texas or Mississippi. These variants will spread across the United States, and impact all of us, no matter how good we all have been being.

Republicans, who are constantly chomping at the bit to reopen everything, could get to where they want to go so much quicker if they were just to follow the public health guidelines and really enforce a mask mandate. You would think that would be in their interest more than anyone else.

It’s not like Democrats are flawless on this issue, but at least they’re trying much harder.

And we haven’t even begun to talk about climate change.

Really, as a species we don’t deserve to live anymore. Let the insects take over the Earth. After all, there are already an estimated 10 quintillion of them. They would, at least, not cause catastrophic climate change or depletion of the Earth’s natural resources.

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