Cordial is what happens when you’re not straight up Lying to the Press Corps

Jen Psaki held her first news conference on Wednesday night, which mostly made news for not making news. She adopted a new and less combative tone than all of the press secretaries under Trump had adopted.

I don’t watch Fox News, but I read in the papers this morning that some of the Fox News commentators were complaining that the press was not hard enough on her. In particular, Fox’s Brian Kilmeade said Psaki was composed and experienced, but faced “cordial” questions. “This is the way it should have been for four years with President Trump. Not one day did any of her predecessors have that tone” from reporters, Kilmeade said.

Well, Trump’s many press secretaries might have faced more “cordial” questions if they weren’t just straight out lying to our face all the time. Starting with Sean Spicer, whose first news conference featured the laughable and easily disprovable proclamation that Trump’s had had the most watched inauguration of all time.

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