The Irony of an Atheist welcoming a Man of Faith back into the White House

One of the ironies that I’m well aware of is that, while I’m a rather public atheist, I’m mightily relieved to see a man of sincere personal faith coming back into the White House.

This morning, Biden went to church with Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Kevin McCarthy. A bipartisan leadership forum of sorts.

Biden’s deep faith is well known to anyone who has followed his career.  Donald Trump is, of course, a man of no faith. He may be a “pro forma” Christian, in that Trump is nominally associated with Norman Vincent Peale and the Marble Collegiate Church.1 But the only altar the Donald worships at is the altar of Trump.

Christian evangelicals largely love Trump, mostly because he delivered conservative judges and coded (or not so coded) racism. You would think that they would love Biden, who is a man of much deeper, much more sincere faith.2

Personally, I would like us to get to the point where no one cares if you’re an atheist when you run for office. But for now, I’ll take Biden, who is (at least) sincere, and compassionate, and supportive of social justice, and solidly in the progressive tradition of the Catholic Church. 

  1. According to Trump, Peale “thought I was his greatest student of all time.”
  2. There is plenty of evidence that Christian evangelicals are entering upon a period of reckoning where they have to come to terms with their support of Trump, the most blasphemous, immoral President we’ve ever had in the White House.

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2 Responses to The Irony of an Atheist welcoming a Man of Faith back into the White House

  1. lyart says:

    agreed – 100%

  2. fgsjr2015 says:

    While many true Christians have rejected Trump, regardless of his tempting conservative politics — it seems to me that his Pro-life professions appeared to have automatically won him the support and hearts of most Evangelicals — this very vocal and politically active ‘Christian’ element lauds Trump.

    Apparently, so very angered by Democratic Party social liberalism, they promote, even praise, what is the figurative devil (at least to me, as a believer in Christ’s miracles).

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