It doesn’t matter if Warnock and Ossoff turn out to be One-Term Senators

If Ossoff’s margins hold, then we will have two Democratic Senators in Georgia. Just like Doug Jones in Alabama, both may turn out to be one-term Senators. Who knows.

Warnock will have to run again in 2022 because the six-year cycle he is on began in 2016. Since then, the original incumbent (Johnny Isakson) resigned in 2019 for health reasons, and his replacement (Kelly Loefller), appointed by Republican Governor Brian Kemp had to stand again at the next regularly scheduled statewide election (under Georgia law).

Back in 2018 Doug Jones won a narrow victory against pedophile and certified nut job Roy Moore — who, remarkably enough, had served as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court — when Jeff Sessions‘ seat opened up after he resigned to become President Kumquat‘s Attorney General.

But Jones couldn’t repeat that victory in 2020.

We’ll see how long Georgia’s Senators can stay democratic. But it looks like we’ll have them for the next two years.

(Ossoff’s paper thin margin will surely be challenged.)

No matter. What we needed was a victory now, for a Democratic Senate, no matter how narrow the margin, in the first two years of Biden’s term.

That’s it.

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