There is going to be no National Healing anytime soon

Back in 2016 when Trump was first elected President of the United States I noted that Trump was the “fuck you” president, and opined that the right wing “despises us because we’re liberals and elitists and order café lattes at Starbucks, because we have queer friends or are queer, because we want transgendered people to be able to use the bathroom of their choice, because we’re women or feminists, because we think that black lives matter, because we can afford college, because we know what arugula is, because some of us are Jewish, because some of us fraternize with Muslims, and because many of us have passports and have been overseas.”

Honestly, I was hoping that after getting finger-fucked by this guy for four years, that right wing America would have thought we had been punished enough for these terrible transgressions.

But apparently it ain’t so.

In a quote that has now circulated quite a bit on social media, Rich Lowry of the National Review opines that:

To put it in blunt terms, for many people, he’s the only middle finger available — to brandish against the people who’ve assumed they have the whip hand in American culture.

Rich Lowry in National Review

Now, to be fair, Lowry goes on to note that this “may not be a very good reason to vote for a president, and it doesn’t excuse Trump’s abysmal conduct and maladministration.” And that’s coming from the National Review.

Trump continues to be the “grievance” candidate, especially for white America, who apparently still feel especially put upon.

But if having this guy piss all over the constitution for four years, having him promote QAnon and white supremacy, and having him literally care more about his TV ratings than the Americans dying from coronavirus — if all of that has not satiated their appetite to punish the rest of us — then obviously there will be no healing going on.

What we appear to have now is a populace which is essentially evenly split between people who are horrified by the Orange Moron and those who are still on a revenge tour against cultural liberalism.

We’re not about to have an actual civil war, but we sure are in the midst of a cultural civil war. And that doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon.

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