This time people have had four years to observe this guy

Four years ago, when Trump won in 2016, I wrote that Trump was the “fuck you” President, a way for conservatives to tell the rest of us how much they hated us.

This time around, everyone has had four years to observe this guy. They’ve been able to watch him piss on the constitution for four years, seen his off the charts narcissism, watch his dog-whistle to bull-horn racism, and seen how this guy literally cares more about his TV ratings than all the Americans dying from Covid-19. They’ve heard him suggest that we ingest bleach as a way to cure ourselves from the virus, and watched him hold superspreader rallies where no one was wearing masks.

This time young people registered and came out in droves.

And yet, as I write this, it appears that the election is still undecided, and that there’s a good chance that Trump can still win.

He’s going to the Supreme Court, naturally, to try and stop the counting in the cities of Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

This should have been a gigantic “blue wave” repudiation of Trump and all that he stands for. Instead, this one is going down to the wire, and we’ll have to see what the outcome is.

If all the states that are currently leaning in one direction are also called in that same direction, then Trump will win.

Once again, pollsters had Biden up in all of those states, and it appears that once again pollsters got it wrong. Apparently there are still legions of people who will vote for this dickwad and still lie to pollsters about it.

Regardless of the final outcome, my faith in the “common sense” of the American voter has been permanently destroyed.

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