The Boy who Cried Wolf: Nobody knows whether to believe Trump or not

One of the most fascinating things about the news that President Drumpf and Melania got covid-19 is the degree to which friends, colleagues, allies, and people all over Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites don’t believe that Drumpf actually has the virus.

He’s the boy who cried wolf. He’s lied so much and worked so hard to undermine the elections that so many people think this is another ploy to try to steal the election.

How would that work? Apparently people think:

  • He’s not really sick, so he can “recover” anytime he wants.
  • He’ll claim that he was on Hydroxychloroquine, thereby giving a huge boost to his favorite quack cure.
  • All of his supporters will marvel at his healthy constitution, and what kind of a man he is.

I’m not ready to follow so many of my people down into conspiracyland; I think he actually does have it. If it were a conspiracy, it would have to involve dozens and dozens of people, including many who are not Drumpf supporters, as many from the circle of people he was in contact with since the Tuesday debate become infected.

But how this will play out is a big unknown.

For his base, it does seem likely that it will help to galvanize their support, as almost everything Drumpf touches does.

On our side, there is a lot of Schadenfreude happening at the moment, including on my part.


Most of the Democratic leadership has been far more gracious than I could be at the moment.

And where will those former or putative supporters of his go? The ones who were genuinely offended by his inexplicable performance in the first debate? I don’t think this is going to help him much with them, given how openly he mocked Biden for wearing a mask and not holding big rallies just three short days ago.

In any case, remember that just in the last week we had:

  • Revelations from the New York Times on how little Drumpf paid in taxes and how much in debt he is.
  • The debate, in which Drumpf interrupted Joe Biden so often that Chris Wallace had to ride to his defense.
  • Also in the debate, Drumpf proving once again that he cannot condemn white supremacy.
  • An audiotape of Melania four-letter-wording her way through a rant on how much she hates being in charge of Christmas decoration, and how little sympathy she feels for immigrant children separated from their parents.

I’m telling you this my friends, the next four weeks are going to be one wild, fucking ride!

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  1. lyart says:

    Schadenfreude – great word. I just wrote something quite similar in a comment to a friend: “I know, I know – noone should be falling ill. But some people shouln’t fall ill a lot less than others. All of CNN is NOT saying this. But I can’t help it”

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