The Republicans now have their Perfect Candidate in Amy Coney Barrett

Let’s be honest here, Amy Coney Barrett is a Republican wet dream. She is just about the perfect candidate with whom they can replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is like Clarence Thomas replacing Thurgood Marshall, only immensely more likable.

This nomination had all the suspense of this morning’s sunrise.

Barrett has all of these qualities that Republicans wanted in a nominee:

  • She is a former law clerk of Antonin Scalia.
  • She is only 48 years old.
  • She has a slim judicial record to hold against her.
  • She has (so far as can be ascertained) rock solid conservative views.
  • She has (by all accounts) judicial temperament and personal restrint.
  • She has a totally heart-warming personal story, including having seven children, two adopted from Haiti, plus a young son with down syndrome.

And if that weren’t enough, she is also unusually attractive for a judge, in a “girl next door who grew up to have seven kids” kind of way.

Rest assured, she will be confirmed with all Republicans voting on board, plus maybe a Democrat or two (I’m looking at you, Joe Machin).

The Democrats will huff and puff and engage in delaying tactics, and will generally be a pain in the Republican’s side.

But there is nothing they can really do to stop the train from arriving at the station.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, some pundits think this will motivate the conservative base to come out and vote.

Democrats have the thin solace that a substantial majority of American agree with them that the next President should make this appointment, and that they were absolutely flooded with small dollar donations after Moscow Mitch announced he would be ramming this appointment through the Senate.

One of the ironies in all of this is, of course, that Donald Trump is (and always has been) pro-choice. He adopted his phony pro-life stance as a matter of political convenience when he decided that he was going to run for President as a Republican.

I’m still amazed that none of his former girl-friends has yet come out of the woodwork to proclaim that the Donald paid for her abortion.

Clearly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a mistake by trying to hang on forever. She was first diagnosed with colon cancer back in 1990, and then diagnosed with pancreatic cancer — the type of cancer that killed her — in 2009. We now know that in 2013 Obama had a lunch with her trying to gently nudge her to consider retirement.

For better or worse, Ginsburg is part of the argument that Supreme Court appointments should not be a life-term. (There are currently proposals, which I support, to make Supreme Court appointments maximum 18 year terms.)

But here we are.

At this point, the only thing progressives, liberals, and fair-minded people can do is go out and vote. Vote the Orange Kumquat out of office, and vote as many of his hypocritical acolytes in the Senate out with him as is legally possible.

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