Trump is guilty of exactly what he accuses others of

One of the remarkable things about President Trump is that he’s guilty of exactly what he accuses others of.

The publishers of the Atlantic, in their October edition, are publishing a story that details how Trump is planning to steal the election. His plans include:

  • Slowing down delivery of mail-in ballots by the Post Office.
  • Hiring 50,000 volunteers to challenge voters at polling places.
  • Declaring victory on November 3rd long before mail-in ballots have all been counted.
  • Having state legislatures declare Democratic slates tainted by voter fraud.
  • Throwing the election results to the Supreme Court (where Trump will have a 6-3 majority once he gets his new Justice).

Trump keeps complaining that the election will be rigged. He is correct: it will be rigged. But what is already absolutely clear is that it will be rigged from his side.

The same thing is, of course, true with respect to “fake news.” We are, indeed, awash in fake news. But almost all of it is coming from his side. The people cataloging Trump’s lies, half-truths, exaggerations and misstatements, have already cataloged over 20,000 examples. For those doing the math, that works out to almost 14 per day.

Fourteen per day!

Every day!

I believe that Trump will be trounced on election day. The fight over the Supreme Court will galvanize our side in a way that wasn’t true before, and all the talk of Trump stealing the election will cause more people to come out on our side than ever before.

And, of course, I could be wrong.

I’ve been wrong before.

But if I’m right, then democracy survives, because at some point even Trump can’t overcome all the people voting against him.

If not, we’re going to be in a period of American history like we’ve never seen before.

In the middle of a pandemic.

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