President Drumpf has lied so often that people don’t even believe that he has tested negative for the Coronavirus.

I subscribe to the Hill, which provides the latest news on goings on up on Capital Hill. Yesterday the news came in that Drumpf had tested negative for the Coronavirus. I posted something on Facebook relative to how “disappointed” I was. (Would have served him right.)

In any case, what was fascinating to see was how many of my Facebook friends simply did not believe that he had tested negative.

This is what happens when someone lies so much, it’s as if they were breathing.

Drumpf has his loyalists, of course, those who think that Drumpf is “telling it like it is.” But for everyone outside of his camp, he has shredded his credibility a long time ago, beginning with his inexplicable claim that the crowd for his inauguration was bigger than Obama’s, and going straight downhill from there.

Whereas President Truman famously said “the buck stops here,” Drumpf literally said that he takes “no responsibility” for the failures of the administration’s handling of the Coronavirus response.

Well, he’s right about that. He literally has taken no responsibility.

Drumpf loyalists aren’t likely to care or believe how massively he and his administration have fucked up the Coronavirus response. But the few swing voters who are out there might care, and in any case, this extraordinary episode in American history is likely to expose much more clearly the deficiencies in our health care system, in our labor law protections, and in the general inequities in the current American system.

If so, that would be at least be a silver lining of sorts.

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2 Responses to President Drumpf has lied so often that people don’t even believe that he has tested negative for the Coronavirus.

  1. I think he has been infected. I am a seer and empath-but I don’t need to be for this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “When one cries wolf a few too many times!”

    Craig Maiman posted on FB, a video of Don, assuming he was off-air, saying that even if he’d tested positive, he’d never tell.

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