The notion that Trump did not get due process before the House Committees is laughable on its face

In the impeachment debate before the House there some remarkable claims relative to the due process that President Trump allegedly did not receive (if you can believe the GOP) before the House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee in their impeachment investigation of President Trump.

For example, Representative Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) got up during the debate and alleged that the President received less due process than Jesus Christ in his trial before Pontius Pilate.

Jesus Christ?

Then Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) said the day that the House voted to impeach Donald Trump would “live in infamy” just like December 7, 1941, the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor?

The President himself, in an unhinged six page letter to Nancy Pelosi, said that he had received less due process than the women accused in the Salem Witch Trials.

The Salem Witch Trials?

Just to be clear, here is the due process that was afforded to Trump before both committees:

  • Trump could have appeared before either Committee in person to defend himself.
  • Trump refused to let any of the people in his administration with “direct evidence” appear before the Committee, including Acting Chief of Staff/Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, former Ambassador John Bolton, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry.
  • Trump has refused to turn over any of the documents subpoenaed by either committee.1

So this is basically like a defendant refusing to provide any evidence in a trial and then claiming that the trial was unfair because he was not able to provide any evidence.

The claim that Trump was not afforded due process is laughable.

The comparisons to Pearl Harbor, the Salem Witch Trials and especially Jesus Christ’s trial before Pontius Pilates are completely nuts.

And yet, that’s today’s Republican Party. Saying all these things with a straight face.

  1. There are Executive Branch agencies that have handed over documents, but not documents requested directly of the Administration.

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