Democrats are panicking more than they should about whether they can win in 2020

There was an interesting article in the Boston Globe today entitled Doubts about 2020 field send Democratic party elites, donors scrambling to find a savior.

The Democrats are panicking, yes they are.

  • Michael Bloomberg? Lots of money but no charisma at all.
  • Deval Patrick? Loads of charisma but a mediocre manager (and I’m not sure America is ready for another black President so soon). 1

Yes, it’s not the world’s strongest field.

  • Biden is not Obama.
  • Warren is probably too far left.
  • Sanders is a protest vote.
  • Buttigieg is very young, inexperienced, and also very gay.

Still, as Ed Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania points out, in head-to-head national polls, the top Democratic candidates in the running beat Trump.

I’d like to see a Biden-Warren ticket, with Biden maybe offering to be a one-term President. Just a thought.

I posted something on Facebook about this today, and it generated a lot of debate.

In any case, don’t freak out yet, my fellow progressives. It’s still all about the electoral college, and I don’t see Trump winning all five of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida a 2nd time, which he would have to do to be re-elected. Suburban women may still save us all.

There is no savior out there. We have the candidates that we have. Some of the candidates that could have caught fire — Corey Booker, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand — did not catch fire. But it is, one must concede, a narrower race than it should be.

  1. And then the notion of having another liberal from Massachusetts running for President, maybe not the best idea. Remember Ted Kennedy, Michael Dukakis, Paul Tsongas, and John Kerry? None of those candidacies worked out well. I think we’re too far out of the mainstream for the rest of America.

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