Bernie Sanders’ ego-trip decision to run for President again

Bernie Sanders announced this week that he is running for President again in 2020.

Good grief!

I was a Bernie supporter in 2016 (although to be fair, I supported both Bernie and Hillary). But in the Massachusetts primary I voted for Bernie because, as I explained at the time, I couldn’t resist the temptation to “vote for a septuagenarian socialist Jew for President.”

Bernie did something very important in 2016, and that is that he changed the conversation. He made ideas like Medicare-for-all not only acceptable, but actually attractive to the Democratic mainstream.

But this time around it’s just an ego-trip, and he’s not getting my vote. The left wing of the party is already capably represented by Elizabeth Warren (and maybe Kamala Harris). And this time around Bernie will practically be an octogenarian socialist Jew.

Sorry Bernie, the first time was great. This time you’re succumbing to your own celebrity, and it’s just going to be one long ego trip. Like Muhammad Ali before you, you don’t know when to quit.

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