Why was anyone surprised?

There’s been a lot of Sturm and Drang about Trump’s performance with Putin in Helsinki yesterday, but I don’t know what everyone is getting so excited about: it was completely predictable.

Some commentators are saying that Trump’s performance was treasonous, and may be it was. But mostly it was predicated on the fact that Trump – who is still obsessed about the fact that Hillary won the popular vote – cannot manage the possibility that he wouldn’t be President without Russian assistance.

And by now it should be clear that he wouldn’t have been President without the assistance of the Russians and James Comey.

But that creates too much cognitive dissonance in the mind of Donald Trump for him to accept.

Besides, Putin is everything that Trump wants to be and is not.

I mean, letting Trump meet one-on-one with Putin without the benefit of any advisors is like letting a hedgehog into a cage with a tiger.  Putin swallowed him whole, and then spent most of yesterday with kind of a Cheshire cat smile on his face.

Did Putin want Trump to win? Oh yeah. He even said so publicly.

Trump, who lies to himself more than even to any of the rest of us, will convince himself that this was some kind of great performance, the universal denunciation of everyone else notwithstanding. So much winning!

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