The WikiLeaks Scandal relative to DNC Emails is No Big Deal

The news that Wikileaks has released 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee, and that it demonstrates that the DNC was tilting in favor of Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders is not a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. It’s also not a big deal.

So, let’s review.

Last month the Democratic National Committee was hacked and a number of emails were stolen. The DNC blamed the Russian security services, which denied the claim. That has neither been proven or disproven.

The secret-exposing website WikiLeaks acquired and began releasing about 20,000 of these emails over the last few days. There are no bombshells in these emails, but they do show a definite preference for Hillary Clinton among some of the party insiders.

Again, this should be no big surprise.

First of all, Bernie Sanders is not a member of the Democratic Party, notwithstanding that he chose to run in this election as a Democrat. He has sought office, first as a member of the Liberty Union party, but mostly sought and held office as an independent. He did not become a Democrat until he decided to run for President.

Second, as I’ve been fond of pointing out, Sanders is a septuagenarian, Jewish Socialist, and for all practical purposes an atheist as well.[1] I know the Bernie Bros and their sisters are not going to believe this, but Bernie was not going to win the Presidential election. Trump – who is as much of a Johnny-come-lately to the Republican party as Bernie is to the Democrats – and the Republican establishment were praying for Bernie to be the nominee, because they were sure they’d be able to beat him. Although Bernie has the same kind of fanatical support among certain sections of the progressive electorate as Trump has among the people who think that he speaks “truth to power,” the fact is that Bernie is highly unlikely to have been able to beat Trump.

So, let’s all relax about this.


It’s way overdue that Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns from her position as the Chair of the DNC, by the way, as she has been a liability for a long, long time. I don’t have much insight into what she is like as a Congresswoman from Florida, but at the Chair of the DNC I thought that she was an unmitigated disaster. Not because she didn’t raise enough money for the DNC. Mostly because it was clear from the beginning that she had rigged the debate schedule to minimize the likelihood that people would see Hillary and Bernie debate, and because she had not been seen as a “neutral” since the moment that Hillary announced. Or even before she announced. And I’m hardly the only one who holds that opinion.

[1] Sanders has no affiliation with organized religion, although he claimed to have “very strong religious and spiritual feelings” at a Democratic Town Hall Meeting. However, a closer examination reveals that he appears to have generic spiritual feelings – what the dating world knows as “spiritual but not religious” – that don’t really line up with any traditional notion of God.

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  1. 2000detours says:

    I was forwarded a set of links to the leaked emails, each with an accompanying sensational description, but I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was about. None of the descriptions matched the content of the emails, or at least they didn’t without tossing in lots of imagination. Obviously the DNC team favored Hillary but the evidence was in their transparent actions, including the debate schedule, and not in the emails.

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