I don’t have to start liking Glenn Beck now, do I?

Here’s something I never thought I would read: SiriusXM suspends Glenn Beck for appearing to endorse a guest threatening the life of Donald Trump.

Seriously dude?


(Have you noticed that Donald Drumpf almost makes Glenn Beck look handsome.)

Here’s what apparently happened: Beck was interviewing an author named Brad Thor – apparently a frequent guest of Beck’s and an author of thriller novels – who was complaining about the “weak” Congress, and asking “what patriot will step up” to stop President Trump if he tried to exceed the powers of his office?

Beck apparently responded, “I would agree with you on that.”

SiriusXM said in a statement that the comments ‘‘may be reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office.’’

No shit.

I don’t have to start liking Glenn Beck now, do I?

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