The Donald doesn’t want to be questioned, just Thanked

Yesterday the Donald practically went to war with the media because people had questioned his claim, first made in Iowa in January, and repeated multiple times since, that the Donald had donated $6 million to veteran’s causes.[1]

I mean, it’s nice that he’s donating to veteran’s causes, although it also seems to be a pretty transparent effort to buy the veteran’s votes.[2]

In any case, last week the Washington Post had reported that the Donald had donated far less than $6 million to veteran’s causes, which led to a Twitter feud between the Donald and the Post. The Post’s investigation revealed that as late as last week, far less than $6 million had been donated.

It appears the Donald sent out somewhere between $1.5 and $1.9 million in donations last week, and those donations still only totaled $5.6 million, or still short of his $6 million claim.

This guy was incensed that the media would question his $6 million claim, maintaining that he “did not want credit for it,” that he was doing all of this privately, while continually reminding people on the stump that he had donated $6 million to veterans.[3] The Donald didn’t want to be held accountable by the “dishonest” media. They should have just thanked him and gone home.

Dude, you do realize that you are RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, correct? Nothing the President does is “private.” Especially when it is so transparent what the purpose is: in this case, to buy the votes of veterans.

It’s so transparent.
It’s so transparent.
It’s so transparent.

If he doesn’t like the media looking into whether he actually made the donations he claimed to have made, he is really not going to like the media looking more deeply into Trump University, his scam of a for-profit university, that clearly delivered very little of what Trump promised.

Again, it’s so transparent. But for Trump supporters, facts are just an inconvenient thing. What I think they actually like about the guy is that he’s a giant FU to every establishment there is. To the media, and to the political establishment, and even to the church.[4]

If you want, you can see his whole contentious, nasty, media-blaming press conference here.

[1] The event was had when the Donald refused to show up for a Fox News debate because Megyn Kelly was going to be a moderator. The Donald has famously feuded with Megyn because she asked him a tough question at the first Fox news debate.

[2] Trump had claimed that he raised $6 million through a combination of pledges from wealthy friends, the public and $1 million from himself after a splashy telethon-style fundraiser he held in Iowa in January in place of the Fox debate. But his campaign refused to disclose which charities had received the money for months, leading some to speculate that the money raised was less than he had claimed. Local New York Veteran affiliated with the group ‘‘the #VetsVsHate’’ protested outside Trump Tower to complain that Trump ‘‘has used veterans as political props.’’

[3] Or rather, that his foundation had donated $6 million to veterans, most of which was coming from people who had donated to his foundation. Of course, the Donald claimed to have donated $1 million personally.

[4] In case you’ve forgotten, back in February the Donald got into a feud with the remarkably popular Pope Francis, who had the temerity to criticize the Donald as not being “Christian” for proposing that mass deportation of immigrants and building the celebrated wall with Mexico. The Donald – never one to leave any criticism without a response – called the Pope’s remarks “disgraceful” and “unbelievable” and contended that the Pope would only wish that he was President when ISIS came calling, which “everyone knows” is the organization’s “ultimate prize.” Geez, who writes this stuff?

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Who writes this stuff? Doesn’t matter ~ the D has “all the best words!”

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