Two wins and a loss; I’ll take it

So, last week we had two wins and a loss. The two wins were Sadiq Khan becoming the mayor of London, and Leicester City winning the Premiere League. The loss was Rodrigo Duterte winning the Presidency of the Philippines.


  • Sadiq Khan is a progressive Labour politician who last Thursday became the first Muslim mayor of London or, for that matter, of any major European city. Donald Trump immediately chimed in that Khan would be an “exception” to the ban on Muslims traveling to the United States under a Trump administration.
  • Leicester City recently won the English Premiere League, which is the top-flight soccer league in England. That is, of course, not a political story. But it is a nice story, because Leicester City was a 5000:1 underdog to win the Premiere League this year. That alone makes it a win.
  • In the Philippines, one Rodrigo “Dingdong” Duterte – the Philippines answer to Donald Trump – won the Presidential elections there on Saturday. This guy makes Trump seem almost reasonable. Count this one as a loss.

As it so often goes, you win some and you lose some. I just hope that the Donald don’t win nothing in November.

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2 Responses to Two wins and a loss; I’ll take it

  1. I m extremely curious about Liecester city and its win… would love to know how they turned around..

  2. jakester48 says:

    mindyourwings, I offer the following reasons (not in order of importance):

    1. Astute, inspired management from Claudio Ranieri.
    2. The emergence of brilliant, but previously unheralded, players such as Vardy, Mahrez and others.
    3. Exceptional team spirit.
    4. An unprecedented slump in the fortunes of all the usual front runners (Chelsea, Arsenal, the Manchester clubs) in the same season.

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