Hillary and the Donald co-existed for a long time in New York


Hillary, the Donald, and his kids Eric and Donald Jr. in an undated photo

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton move further along into their campaigns, and start to focus on each other – Hillary calling the Donald a racist, and Trump calling Hillary a liar – it is interesting to note how peacefully they coexisted in New York City for many years. The Boston Globe had a nice piece on this a few days ago.


It turns out, for example, that Bill and Hillary were invited to the Donald’s wedding to Melania on January 22, 2005 in Florida.

Hillary did make a little fun of the Donald in January 2000 on Late Night with David Letterman when she said that  “I needed an excuse to get out of dinner with Donald Trump” as the 5th of 10 reasons why she agreed to go on the show. On the other hand, Trump wrote of Hillary  that she “is a wonderful woman who has handled pressure incredibly well,” in the introduction to his 1997 book ‘The Art of the Comeback.’

So, keep that in mind as the two start to focus more and more of their attention on each other.[1]

[1] Trump, more so than Hillary, may be being a little bit premature. While Hillary is the odds on favorite to gather the delegates she needs for a 1st ballot victory at the Democratic convention, Trump is likely to face a contested convention and the likelihood that the Republican establishment will take his ostensible victory away from him.

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