Sure I believe that the Super PAC’s aren’t coordinating with the Candidates

It was recently reported that Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign took in $11.5 million, which is only a little more than 11% of the  $103 million his Super PAC pulled in. His Super PAC can pull in unlimited contributions, of course, because of the Citizens’s United decision.

Now technically, the Super PAC is not supposed to coordinate with his campaign committee.

Yeah, right.

In language that we’re no longer allowed to use, if you believe that, you’re basically retarded. I mean, even the village idiot knows that the candidate’s campaigns are coordinating with the Super PAC’s.

NPR’s Peter Overby recently did a story on this issue, and noted the following:

The Bush campaign and others have been talking about having the super PAC take over some of the campaign’s usual jobs. Field organizing and advertising, for instance. In other words, shifting expensive parts of the campaign to an entity that takes unlimited contributions.

The Supreme Court’s majority opinion, in its wisdom, claimed that none of this was going to happen. What I can’t figure out is this: are they really that dense, or was this just a Machiavellian way for them to insure that Republicans would have the advantage for years to come.

I’m voting Machiavellian.

Because don’t kid yourself: the Super PAC’s give a huge advantage to the Republicans. Bernie Sanders, alone among the 20+ candidates who are running today, is the only one that doesn’t have a Super PAC.

That alone, by the way, is a great reason to vote for Bernie Sanders.

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