A Little Intrigue in a Colorless World

For a little bit of lighter intrigue in a world which is so often dark and brooding, there was a story in the Washington Post about the departure of the White House florist, Laura Dowling.

Was she fired? Had she quit.

It appears that the White House’s chief floral designer had left her high-profile position back in February. According to the Washington Post:

Nearly six weeks after her silent departure in February, the White House released a statement touting Dowling’s “lively and colorful” creations, which reflected the “historic rooms which they graced.” An hour later, Dowling herself released a statement through her attorney, emphasizing that she’d “resigned in order to pursue exciting new opportunities and explore my passion for floral artistry and design.” 

The NPR NewsQuiz, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me had a little fun with the story. They opined that maybe Laura had “become a little too cozy with the Bushes.”

But in actuality it appears that Ms. Dowling was a “fussy” designer while Michelle Obama apparently has an “emerging modern and clean aesthetic,” at least according to one source.

Still, I like how this got all political, with both sides trying to make it appear that it was a voluntary decision instead of that Dowling was forced out. Next thing you know, we’ll hear that she wanted to “spend more time with her family,” LOL!

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