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Forty-Seven Senators taken in by Netanyahu

Last week I wrote an article, after listening to Bibi Jones, I mean Netanyahu, address the United States Congress, that I wasn’t convinced by his rhetoric. Netanyahu was trying to convince us all about how dangerous Iran supposedly is, in … Continue reading

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We’re Cooked as a Nation

Politico ran a piece yesterday that a Quinnipiac University poll had concluded that Fox News was “the most trusted news in the United States.”   If that’s true, then there really is no hope for us as a nation. Fox … Continue reading

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On the Suicide of an Acquaintance

A friend of my sister’s committed suicide a few days ago. I didn’t know her that well, but I’d met her several times. Including last fall at my sister’s birthday party. She was nice, this woman. Friendly. Chatty. Kind of … Continue reading

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Move the Marathon Bombing Trial Already

The circus that is the Marathon bombing trial will get underway today — so far it’s just been the preliminaries — and for maybe the fourth or fifth time the defense attorneys have requested that the trial be moved out … Continue reading

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Netanyahu did not Convince Me

I’ve been listening to Bibi Netanyahu’s speech before Congress — and Bibi is clearly a good politician — and I still just don’t get why Iran getting the bomb would be any worse than Pakistan having the bomb. Which it … Continue reading

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