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Does the firing of Jeff Sessions mean anything?

On Wednesday President Trump fired Jeff Sessions, or asked Sessions to resign (which is really the same thing).[1] This was, of course, the day after the mid-term elections. Honestly, I found the timing a little bit suspicious. Why do this … Continue reading

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It wasn’t a Blue Tidal Wave, but it will have to do

Well, it wasn’t quite the blue tidal wave we were hoping for, but it will have to do for now. For once the prognosticators got it right. Voting participation was way up. The Dems took back the House. The Dems … Continue reading

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If you’re still supporting Trump, you too are an Asshole

Today is the mid-term election day, and if you live in the United States and you’re not planning on voting, then shame on you. Seriously. President Obergropenführer wants to make this a referendum on him, and I think we should … Continue reading

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