Purpose of the Blog

This blog is an attempted argument for critical thinking, both in the arena of political and religious thought. Religion and politics — the two bête noires of dinner table conversation — are tied together whenever possible. It is also an attempt to expose propaganda, especially by agencies such as the Fox News Channel, whose “fair and balanced” tag-line would be completely laughable if there were not so many people who actually believed in it.

What this blog is not is an attempt to unenroll people from their belief systems. It would be foolish if it were. While people may, on occasion, be enrollable in new belief systems, they are notoriously hard to unenroll from beliefs that they already have. So, if you get comfort from your personal relationship with Jesus, or you feel attached to the spirit world in some other way, far be it from me to interfere with that. Not only do I not want to interfere with that, a part of me envies you for the comfort it brings you.

For the most part, this blog will be an exercise in preaching to the choir. I know that. In terms of where the weight of the articles will be, it’s likely to focus more on politics — with its infinitely large minefield of examples — but belief systems as a whole will not be neglected. My hope is that people will find examples and arguments here that will be useful in some way, and maybe that will get a little bit of “traction.” One can always hope.

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