Trump wears his Indictments like a “Badge of Honor”

Trump has finally been indicted for his part in stoking (or really creating) the January 6th insurrection. And Trump — as he always does in these kinds of circumstances — has doubled down, and claims that he wears these indictments like a “badge of honor.” And his acolytes support him.

So much for the party of law and order.

Trump — who did more to “weaponize” the Department of Justice than any President before him or since — claims that the indictments are political “persecutions” and that they are intended to damage his campaign. Well, so far they’ve only managed to inflame his base, so if that were the Democratic strategy, it’s not working out well.

But lest we forget, while Trump was President he could not be prosecuted because of the famous Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel memo from 1973. We know this, of course, because of the neutered Mueller Report, in which Mueller’s team essentially said, yes, he colluded with Russia and broke other laws, but we can’t prosecute him for it while he’s President.

Now, Trump wants to be shielded from prosecution because he’s running for President. Of course, he began running for President again about 5 minutes after it was certified that Biden had won the election. Trump, who prior to becoming President had never been held accountable for ANYTHING, is desperate to keep that winning streak alive, because the consequences if he doesn’t escape again this time are pretty severe.

As others have noted, Trump isn’t running “for” President, he’s running “from” being incarcerated.

And yet, as my sister noted this morning, there is still 43% of the electorate that would be willing to elect him President again.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I mean, back in 2016 people could legitimately ask the question, “how bad can he be?”

Well, you can’t legitimately ask that question anymore.

If you’ve seen this guy perform for 4 years as president and for another 2½ years as a candidate since, and you still think he’s qualified to be President, the problem isn’t with him. The problem is now with you.

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