Now they’ve found Classified Documents at Mike Pence’s House

So now they’ve found classified documents at Mike Pence’s house.

Oh boy.

Can’t wait until they find classified documents at Barack Obama’s house.

This whole shitstorm seems to be pointing to something that some commentators have been suggesting for quite a while, which is that the United States government classifies way too many documents.

I don’t know who makes those decisions. I don’t know what the criteria are.

But the whole thing seems to be out of control.

So one thing seems clear is that if Joe Biden didn’t know that he had classified documents at his house, neither did the Russians or the Chinese. There wasn’t any security risk, because nobody knew the documents were there. So nobody was looking for them.

Same for Mike Pence. I’m sure whatever documents he had were accidental.

Not so for Donald Trump. He didn’t take documents accidentally. He took them deliberately and wilfully. He hung onto them even after he had been ordered to return them. He hung onto them even after he had sworn that he had returned them. He pretended to have declassified documents when he did no such thing.

All the evidence — although this would be difficult to prove — is that Trump was hoping to use the documents to bargain in some way. Especially with foreign countries.

Still, the drip-drip-drip of documents being found at Biden’s various residences and offices has certainly been enormously frustrating and annoying.

Wondering how many different documents and how much of a drip-drip we’ll get from Pence’s residences and offices.

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