Greg Abbott couldn’t even give it a rest on Christmas Eve

There really is something seriously wrong with Greg Abott, the Governor of Texas. Abbott, along with John Silber before him, proving again that you can be disabled and a huge prick at the same time.

This time around Abott sent another three busloads of migrants to Kamala Harris’ residence at the Naval Observatory on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve.

That “good Christian” Abott couldn’t even give it a rest on Christmas Eve.

It was bloody cold in D.C. on Christmas Eve, and the migrants arrived without adequate clothing and, of course, no shelter. The Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, a local grassroots organization, sprang into action, as they have done before, and took care of these people.

In the last year, Texas has bussed about 8700 migrants to Washington D.C., and another 6520 or so to New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Plus the ones that ended up in Martha’s Vineyard.

Okay, we get it Abott, you hate migrants. Of course, they’re coming for a reason. Maybe we should investigate why so many migrants are showing up on our borders right about now. But that would require actually being interested in solving the problem instead of just scoring political points. 

Scoring political points seems to be about the only thing today’s GOP is interested in these days.

But they couldn’t give it a rest for a single day, not even on Christmas Eve.

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