We should thank our luck stars that Joe Biden is president

When it comes to the war in Ukraine, we should really all be thanking our lucky stars that Joe Biden is our President, and not for example (checks notes) Donald Trump! We’re now 300 days into the war against Ukraine, and yet, we (1) don’t have World War III and (2) Ukraine is still independent. And a lot of the thanks for that can go to Joe Biden.

Some Repuglicans, like Lauren Boebert and even Kevin McCarthy, are asking why we continue to support Ukraine. And the answer is clear: Ukraine is now the firewall between democracy and autocracy. 

  • It’s the Ukrainians, not us, that are sacrificing their lives. 
  • It’s the Ukrainians, not us, that are sitting in freezing conditions without electricity.

All that we’re doing is supplying armaments and some other funds.

It is, frankly, the least we can do.

On Wednesday, Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky made the trip to the United States, and made an address to the joint session of Congress, to make sure that we don’t pull the plug on our financial support. And to remind us that they really are what stands between us and autocracy.

Some Repuglicans seem to be with Vladimir Putin because they apparently think he’s with them in the culture wars. Mostly that means that Putin is not in support of LGTBQ rights. Of course, it wasn’t that long ago that conservatives hated the Russkies. What a turn-around we’ve done since Trump became President.

In any case, Biden has walked the fine line between not dragging us into World War III and giving the Ukrainians enough support to successfully defend themselves. And they’ve defended themselves with honor. 

Who knew that Ukrainians were so serious about democracy?

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