Why was the Twitter Board so insistent that Musk by the company?

I have to admit, there is something I’ve been missing in this whole Twitter saga, and that is why the Twitter Board was so determined to force Musk to buy the company after he had second thoughts. 

Is it just because Musk had offered to overpay so much when he initially tried to take it over, so that they all knew they were going to clean up financially?

Or was there some other reason?

I mean, I had a Twitter account for years, and didn’t do anything with it. I didn’t really get it. And once I did start to use it, I mostly use it for snark. But others used it in really serious ways. Journalists. And activists. Especially activists in countries outside of the United States. Especially countries that are not a democracy.

So did the people who own Twitter just not give a shit about their company?

Back when Trump was elected, I was one of the people who predicted that this guy was going to be the worst President ever, and he might have been worse than even I thought he would be.

When Musk first tried to purchase Twitter, I predicted that he would likely ruin the company. But even I didn’t think he would be this bad. It appears that he is the worst boss ever. Comically bad. Guinness book of World Records bad. Like, “they should make a movie about this” bad.

For the moment I’m still on Twitter, but like many others, I’ve started to make contingency plans.

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