All they have left is the culture wars, all of the time

One of the useful things about Twitter is that it occasionally makes me aware of controversies that I was unaware of. Like Lizzo playing James Madison’s flute at the Library of Congress.


First of all, I don’t even know who Lizzo is.

Or at least I didn’t until I looked it up.

Second of all, James Madison had a crystal flute?

That was news to me.

Third of all, how is this a fucking controversy? Like, what is WRONG with conservatives these days?

“Simply desecrating American history just for the sake of it,” wrote right-wing pundit Matt Walsh, adding that letting Lizzo play the flute sends a “message that our heritage and history are meaningless and that nothing we love or care about has any value.”

As quoted in Rolling Stone.

Are you SERIOUS, dude?

Basically, a black entertainer who is also a trained flutist played a historic flute that nobody knows about under the supervision of the Library of Congress, and the right wing media circus thinks this is offensive to history. Okay, a FAT black entertainer who is also loud about body shaming, as if that made any difference.

The conservative Columbia Bugle called it a “humiliation ritual.” Right-wing commentator Greg Price wrote that “they” want to “degrade our history and then call you a racist if you actually value it.” Trump appointee Darren Beattie described Lizzo as the “perfect representative of the American Globalist Empire.” Trump superfan Nick Adams tweeted that the “Biden Administration is making a mockery of the country.” Former GOP congressional candidate Andrew McCarthy said everyone involved “should be deported.”

As reported in Rolling Stone.

Have these people lost their minds?

Having nothing substantive to advocate for anymore — “trickle down” economics went down the tubes along with most conservative policies and their proposed health care plan — they are now all culture war all of the time. That’s all they’ve got left.

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