What are we rewarding the Republicans for, part 1

As part of our newly commenced ongoing series, I’m going to be asking the question — repeatedly — what are we rewarding the Republicans for if we do let them take the midterms.

What are we rewarding them for?

So far, their most notable achievement since 2020 is simply to deny the most obvious thing imaginable, which is that Joe Biden won the election fair and square. And he won the popular vote by a landslide.

Now, there are a number of Republicans, such as the guy in New Hampshire running for Senate against Maggie Hassan, who has been a fervent election denier. He’s also been a conspiracy theorist when it comes to vaccines, for good measure.

Don Bolduc is his name. Ex-military, retired United States Army brigadier general.

(Boy, they let any idiot become a general these days.)

As soon as he won the New Hampshire primary against the relatively moderate Chuck Morse, a business man (and also the president of the New Hampshire State Senate), Bolduc pivoted on election denial and announced that he “no longer believed that the 2020 election was stolen” from former President Donald Trump and conceded that “Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States.”

“I’ve done a lot of research on this, and I’ve spent the past couple weeks talking to Granite Staters all over the state from every party, and I have come to the conclusion — and I want to be definitive on this — the election was not stolen,” Bolduc told Fox News.

Seriously, dude?

My hometown newspaper, the Boston Globe (which has a lot of coverage of politics in neighboring New Hampshire) called him out on this for his hypocrisy.

How dumb does he think voters are?, they asked in an editorial.

Pretty dumb, obviously.

I don’t know what kind of “research” this guy could possibly have done other than reading the polls of political independents — which New Hampshire has a lot of — and realizing this election would be hard to win against the reasonably popular Hassan, who was also twice elected the Governor of New Hampshire.

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